••• Working for films has always been an enigmatic experience for me. In one hand, I made myself a strong believer of Music as probably the most 'visual' artform, one that hardly ever needed fabricated visuals, because of its inherent ability to let everyone generate one's own images. Music easily surpasses any other artform, litterature included, in making the listener a perpetual and constantly innovative 'inner-movie' maker.

••• In the other hand, it would be foolish to deny the key role of a great score in any great movie. The film composer has that daunting task of embracing the director's vision in order to be saying without telling, expressing without sublining, linking without tie-ing, present and unobtrusive all at the same time. Always dealing with square circles. Probably one of the most rewarding and frustrating position. Permanently contradictory. I don't know of any real 'happy' film composer ...

••• It took me quite some time to figure out whether I wanted to have a regular career in it or not, as I felt that 'composing' and 'movie composing' were not just two different jobs, but almost as opposed to each other as fire and water. Hence the relatively small number of films I did score for. But I suppose it could take just to meet the 'right' director with the 'right' project for me to see things differently.


Page 1982 Dickie Jobson "Countryman"

Page 1982 Nathalie Delon "Ils Appellent ça Un Accident"

Page 1985 Hector Babenco "Kiss Of The SpiderWoman"

Page 1991 Loll Cream "The Lunatic"

Page 1997 Idrissa Ouedraogo "Kini & Adams"

Page 1997 Don Letts & Rick Elgood "DanceHall Queen"

Page 1999 Chris Browne "Third World Cop"

Page 2000 John Berry "Boesman & Lena"

••• Pieces or songs written or produced by me (other than regular score) were also featured in the following movies, to my knowledge:

_ 'Chief Inspector' Audio in Sydney Lumet "The Morning After".

_ 'Rain' Audio in Idrissa Ouedraogo "Kini & Adams".

_ 'Keys' in Blaine Novak's "Good to Go".

_ 'Daydreaming (Blacksmith Remix for Massive Attack)' in Gregg Araki's "Nowhere".

_ 'Ayers Rock' in Gaston Kabore's "Rabi".

_ 'Mambo' in popular "Grand Theft Auto 4" video game.

_ 'Something About You' (Level 42) in Nigel Dick's "P.I. Private Investigations".

_ 'A Namorada' (Carlinhos Brown) Audio in Jan De Bont "Speed II Cruise Control".

_ 'Everything Is Never Quite Enough' (Wasis Diop) Audio in John McTiernan "Thomas Crown".

_ 'I've seen that face before' (Grace Jones) in Roman Polanski's "Frantic".

••• Also:

_ 'The Dachstein Angels' Audio was used in many TV & Radio jingles, among which "Northern Exposure" TV-series in the US, and "Geopolis" political TV program in France hosted by Claude Sérillon.

_ The whole of "Words Of A Mountain" was used as soundtrack for Jean-Paul Jaude TV-documentary.

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