••• JukeSticker is a revolutionary transaction tool using PayPal, that I invite you to pioneer with me ...

• Click on the Play button to preview the piece.

• Click on the Download button to launch transaction: enter your email address for a download token to be sent to you after you've purchased the piece via PayPal.

• Once in PayPal, open an account once and for all, free and safe: you won't have to reach for your credit card every time you buy from me.

• Feel free to paste the JukeSticker to your blogs and walls: you will not only be spreading the word, but also allowing your friends to buy it from within every page it is pasted to. For the first time in e-commerce history, artists and their fans can benefit from a direct, portable, flexible and spreadable vending machine.

• Thank you for bearing with me: this is a new system that will need fine-tuning undoubtedly. Please send your comments and feedback regarding this tool to my wally@wallybadarou.com box.

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