••• Level 42 was not just production work. I musically grew up with them, discovered greatness around with them, dreamed of greatness with them, wrote with them; in a word, it's my music as much as their's, even though I was not officially a member, a deliberate choice, to everybody's benefits. Find out why in the bio .


Page 1980 "The Early Tapes"

Page 1981 "Level 42"

Page 1982 "The Pursuit Of Accidents"

Page 1983 "Standing In The Light"

Page 1984 "True Colours"

••• AS A 'GUEST' & CO-WRITER & CO-PRODUCER (with the band):

Page 1985 "World Machine"

Page 1987 "Running In The Family"

Page 1988 "Staring At The Sun"

Page 1990 "Guaranteed"

Page 1993 "Forever Now"

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