• "Remaining constantly speechless is not good enough, sometimes."

• This song is about the recurring fate of countless people, by the families, the villages, the regions, the nations, forced out of their continent of origin one way or another, throughout the centuries, accross the seas, whatever the reasons, just to meet worst if not lethal destiny along way and abroad.

• Slavery yesterday, economics and wars today, environment tomorrow, who knows what other monstruosity will dictate the repeated tragedy.

• The music came long, long before the lyrics, which for once, I didn't have to look too far for, as I just couldn't remain silent anymore.

• As natural as singing comes to me daily, releasing my singing to the public has always been a burden, so little confident I remain in my ability to deliver. But I always thought, if anything, my songs should be political statements, to the risk of turning obsolete sometimes. Fortunately (and unfortunately), this migration issue is timeless enough for the value of this song not to fade out anytime soon.

• This video is just an mp3 extract, naturally. Click below to get direct access to the full 4'18 protest song (available on all major digital stores and streaming services):





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Mon, Sep 6, 2021

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