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••• I'm taking a year off on the drama front, too busy on other fronts.


••• I've been "Robert", a joyful little part in "La Poudre aux Yeux" of Eugene Labiche, a comedy directed by Pierre de Moro, June 8th and 9th last, at Palais de la Culture, Puteaux, France.

••• Still with Pierre de Moro as both director and main character Alceste, a modernised version of Molière's "Le Misanthrope". I was "Philinte", May 26th 2016, same place.


••• I've been "John Brownlow" in William Gouglas Home's "The Secretary Bird" (2014), Le Comte in Marivaux' "La Seconde Surprise de l'Amour" (2012), Lélio in Marivaux' "La Fausse Suivante" (2011), Maurice in Jules Renard's "Le Plaisir de Rompre" (2009), Trivelin in Marivaux' "La Double Inconstance" (2008), Lubin in Molière's "George Dandin" (2007), Sganarelle in Molière's "Le Mariage Forçé" (2006), etc ...


••• In my first step in professional stage acting I've be impersonating one of the lesser known roman emperors, yet ambitious, art loving and 'bon vivant', protector of the early christians, betrayed by some of his closest friends. A well too universal fate, that echoed so easily with past memories of my african youth, I hardly had trouble finding the character, the situations and the feelings. I made it an opportunity to pay tribute to all those, past and present, who tried to do something for their country amidst all adversity, with my father as a reference.

••• "Gallien" is a 5 act french tragedy, finely written by a young friend of mines, Julien Bouchard-Madrelle. Two ex-"Comédie Française" figures are involved: Colette Louvois, directing, and Pierre de Moro Giafferi as "Claude". Added to the talented cast, we've enjoyed great performance by established professionals such as Wally Bajeux, Pierre Hentz and Marie-Thérèse Roy.

••• The play premiered on December 2008, at Théâtre-des-Hauts-de-Seine, Puteaux, France. I must make it extremely clear that I was not involved in the music, nor the sound, lighting, art production, costumes, none of that. In that, I was not a musician, but an actor, like any other actor who knew to well how it feels to be chosen, and who only focused on deserving that honor, quite simply put ...


••• I'm planning to expand this site with dedicated pages to display media from past works, a near ten year experience in stage acting, in both classical and contemporary repertoire. Whenever time permits ...

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Mon, Jan 29, 2018

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