••• Internet, peer-to-peer, music, a worldwide tsunami ? The Atlantis is believed to have vanished out of a self-made weapon. For decades, we have been fearing a nuclear holocaust, now we do fear an ecological cataclysm, both believed to be man made disasters. What if, long before these, we ended up clearing the globe from all civilization through the dawnfall of art and culture, self-cannibalised in the digital age ?

••• For years, I deliberately refrained from expressing myself on the subject, as from the start, I felt I needed time to study what was at stake, both in great and evil ways. I needed time time to enrich my thoughts with the outcome of the many law projects and contradictory regulation attempts that the world, Europe and France in particular have put forward throughout the years; and I came out with what I believe is a revolution we will all have to undergo, sooner or later: a revolution of the minds, that can do more than help us survive - but actually transcend - the digital revolution, a never-ending phenomenon. A revolution that could turn the cultural black hole that potentially lays before us, into a formidable propeller for genuine creation, yet in orderly manner. It is feasible, therefore quite urgent.

••• The following is a dense yet concise analysis of a crisis that starts with a account of my personal experience in the dawn of digital music, then draws ties with the advent of the internet, and finally lands a proposal in the way of multiple calls. Some of these opinions may appear either too mild, or outright radical, sometimes shocking; they come out of long years observing, and I'll have no trouble defending them. I am still working on this, and your feedback, any comment sent to wally@wallybadarou.com, is more than welcome.

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