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One system

••• I call upon all the greats of this world, all sovereigns and governments, all the people in power and influence, all national and international bodies, to create, promote and defend a simple legislation, transparent and universal, designed to make any enterprise deemed bound to make commercial benefit, one way or another, from the direct or indirect digital exploitation that it allows for or incite to, of the works of the mind that it is storing or allows to store, hosting or allows to host, putting online or allows to put online, streaming or allows to stream, broadcasting or allows to broadcast, pay substantial percentage of net profit before tax, determined by the type of enterprise and the nature of profit, to the benefit of creation, through transparent, harmonized and reliable collecting societies, on national and supranational level, existing and yet to be created, in fully acknowleged public interest.

Diluted frontiers

••• I call upon us all to finally realise that, in the free world, the digital age knows no frontier between storing, hosting and broadcasting, three words which hardly bear any kind of similarity with their analog counterparts, three activities that don't just stop at their initial boundaries, in a physical manner. Even though digital storing, hosting and putting online can't amount to broadcasting, individually and litterally said, they do much more as a whole since, put together, they allow for (or amount to) public exposure and offer, potentially unlimited in space and time, identical to the 'original' and rather instantaneous, easily automatable at both ends of the line, equal if not superior to any conventional broadcast, quantitatively and qualitatively. An end must be put to the legal vacuum the so-called non-broacasting status has created, in regard to the massive profits those lucrative activities clearly generated, for having directly or indirectly promoted or made the creations lay free in public consumption all these years, which should therefore subject them all to proper return towards the creators, just as would any conventional broadcasting activity do.

Digital 'legal' offer

••• I call upon you all to understand that, as respectful of today's law as it may look, the so-called digital 'legal offer' - as it is structured today - is just a lure in the long term. Competition in domination, multiplicity, complexity in nested deals 'offered' as package-deals, opacity in the fare policies as well as in the conditions been imposed to the producers and the artists, they just aim at adding to the general confusion, just to enrich the richest and reinforce their diktat upon us all, all the while leaving the creators with a dismal royalty. One must face the facts: there can be no future in a system that pretends to sell what can be acquired for free, one way or another, legally or illegally. Digital 'legal offer' as is exists today, for a given quality standard, is alas a dead-end in the long run.

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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