••• As you'll notice, my session-playing was most centered around the 80's. It was never just a job, nor something I was raving about. It was a bit like supporter-acting, since I was to work as a 'faire-valoir' to the main actor (the Artist), moulding my visions to this of the director (the record producer), yet bringing my own character. Most of the time there was no script for me (how do you tell what a synth should sound like, other than miming some existing stuff ?).

••• I've always prefered the word 'guest', with or without the 'star' suffix.

••• I've been far less sollicited in sessions since I've reached the 'producer' status, which people presumed made me 'too expensive' to hire. Hence the too-apparent decline in session activity. I do not regret it, although I do miss some of it sometimes. Just like acting, it's a perfect character workout. A matter of balance probably.

Page 1979 M: "Pop Muzik (New-York, London, Paris, Munich)"

Page 1979 Myriam Makeba: "Comme Une Symphonie d'Amour"

Page 1980 Bernie Lyon: "Bernie Lyon"

Page 1980 Grace Jones: "Warm Leatherette"

Page 1980 Grace Jones: "Nightclubbing"

Page 1980 M: "The Official Secrets Act"

Page 1980 Lizzy Mercier Descloux: "Mambo Nassau"

Page 1981 Bernie Lyon: "I'm Living In The Sunshine"

Page 1981 The Gibson Brothers: "Quartier Latin"

Page 1981 Barry Reynolds: "I Scare Myself"

Page 1981 Jimmy Cliff: "Give The People What They Want"

Page 1982 Charlélie Couture: "Pochette Surprise"

Page 1982 Joe Cocker: "Sheffield Steel"

Page 1982 Black Uhuru: "Chill Out"

Page 1982 Gregory Isaacs: "Night Nurse"

Page 1982 Grace Jones: "Living My Life"

Page 1982 Gwen Guthrie: "Gwen Guthrie"

Page 1982 Robin Scott & Shikisha: "Jive Shikisha !"

Page 1983 Talking Heads: "Speaking In Tongues"

Page 1983 Tom-Tom Club: "Close To The Bone"

Page 1984 Foreigner: "Agent Provocateur"

Page 1985 Mick Jagger: "She's The Boss"

Page 1985 The PowerStation: "Some Like It Hot"

Page 1985 Gwen Guthrie: "Just For You"

Page 1985 Sly & Robbie: "Language Barrier"

Page 1985 Robert Palmer: "Riptide"

Page 1988 Manu Dibango: "Electric Africa"

Page 1988 Melissa Etheridge: "Melissa Etheridge"

Page 1988 Talking Heads: "Naked"

Page 1988 Julio Iglesias: "Libra"

Page 1994 The PowerStation: "Living In Fear"

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