••• I've never dreamt of becoming a record producer. Plus

••• Just like 'guest' sessions, all the production projects I've been involved in 'came' to me (from the Artist, the label, the manager, or all three together ideally). I never imposed myself on anything, nor anybody, artists in particular.

••• The hardest part of any of these projects was to make sure we never lost the magic of the demos.

••• But moreover, I was to make sure I put as little of my own sound in it, in order not to transform it so radically that I would feel like claiming some writing shares afterwards; something I never felt like doing. I would rather discuss share possibilities beforehand, like with Level 42, as 'arranger' fees were never an option to me. Plus

••• I did not always succed in explaining that view on things, which sometimes got me involved to the point where a co-writing situation was made obvious to anyone, yet dit not get properly rewarded. I never felt solace in knowing I was not alone in the case, for who knows how deep in the future this sort of glitch can generate unfair consequences.

••• But then, what did my work consist of actually ? Well, in the myriads of 'je-ne-sais-quoi', that ended up making all the difference between the demo and the end result, with the Artist approval, always. I simply set upon myself to be his/her alter-ego, for the duration of the project.

••• The following list does not include Level 42, featured in another dedicated page on this site, since Level 42 was way more than just a production scheme to me.

Page 1979 Janic Prévost: "J'veux d'la Tendresse"

Page 1981 Alain Chamfort: "Amour Année Zéro"

1983 Marianne Faithfull: "A Child's Adventure" (co-writing)

Page 1986 Alain Chamfort: "Tendres Fièvres" (co-writing)

Page 1986 Fela Ransome Kuti: "Teacher Don't Teach Me NonSense"

Page 1995 Salif Keita: "Folon"

Page 1996 Carlinhos Brown: "AlfaGamaBetizado"

Page 1998 Yannick Noah & Zam Zam: "Zam Zam"

Page 1998 Wasis Diop: "Toxu"

Page 2000 Trilok Gurtu: "The Beat Of Love" (co-writing)

Page 2001 i Muvrini: "Umani"

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